Scentos for Sensory Activities

Activity 1: Story-Writing

For older children a story-writing activity using the scented pens or crayons from the activity set are an ideal way to focus on imagination, sensory interpretation and sensory tolerance in a stimulating and engaging way. It helps to provide the child with a title, or topic (for example – ‘The Fruit Bowl Adventures’). If a child struggles with creative writing or attempting a task led by imagination with little input, the activity can be adapted to a game of Consequences where you take turns to write a sentence. Alternatively you can create a ‘Mad Lib’ that you draft leaving gaps for names or objects or verbs. By using the differently scented fruit pens the child is encouraged in their writing skills whilst also learning to tolerate, explore and identify new smells.

Activity 2: Fruit Painting

Children with Sensory Processing difficulties can sometimes be reluctant to get messy and get creative. This activity helps them explore their creativity in an exciting way, whilst also playing with fruits and smells, building up tolerance for new experiences. The end result of a painting to put on the wall is a reward for their efforts.

Cut various fruit into halves or slices and press lightly with kitchen roll to make them slightly less damp. Apples, pears, lemons all make ideal fruits for this activity. Whilst preparing the fruit for the craft it is worth cutting up smaller pieces of fruit and having these available to your child to taste if they wish. This way they can learn to discriminate between taste and smell and also possibly try new tastes in a non-threatening way.
Once your fruit is prepared, you will need a large piece of paper, a water pot and the paint set from the Scentos Scented Activity Set. Then allow the child to paint the fruit and stamp the fruit on to the paper. Soon the child will build up an array of stamped fruit images in a variety of colours.

Activity 3: Poster Time

The stickers in the Activity set are perfect for allowing a child who finds drawing, writing or other fine motor skills tricky to achieve a good-looking end result, whilst also being exposed to the different scents involved. As the child designs and produces their poster this provides both textural and visual stimulation whilst they unwittingly practice their fine motor skills.

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Any child would love this Sensory Activity Set with a twist. With a little planning and forethought the set can be used to encourage tactile exploration and messy play in a way perfect for a child with sensory processing difficulties. Tactile defensive children get the opportunity to experience new sensations in a creative way, helping to desensitise them to unavoidable textures and touch sensations whilst sensory seeking children get the opportunity to sniff and explore textures in a controlled and productive way.

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