Musical Instruments Percussion Kit


Elevate Musical Instruments Percussion Kit for Children with Autism, Special Needs, Child Development plus Sensory Toy Activity Card

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  • Sounds encourage the use of motor skills for babies and children of all ages. Music is known to especially aid development and wellbeing. Our kits are used with dance, movement, drums, marching, songs and actions
  • Ideal for using as sensory toys which supports the sensory needs of children on the autism spectrum who have sensory sensitivities, children with hearing impairments and visual impairments and as sensory toys
  • Use the percussion musical instruments and work sheet to encourage and enable children of all abilities to join in with music, enjoy, participate and develop
  • 1 x tambourine, 2 x hand bells, 2 x shaking bells, 2 x small maracas, 1 x cotton bag, 1 music activity card. The kits are colourful, mainly made of wood for long lasting use
  • Use in accordance with the child’s needs, in group settings or individual as sensory toys


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