Sensory Toys Autistic Chew Pendant For Girls


Elevate Sensory Toys Autistic Chew Pendant For Girls (Pack of 5)

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  • Heart shaped pendants made of food grade silicone which is safe to chew appropriate for people with autistic spectrum disorders NOT SUITABLE FOR HEAVY CHEWERS
  • They are safe, non toxic, latex free and washable, sterilize in a dishwasher for extra hygiene.
  • Heart shaped pendants are good for sucking or chewing and provide a good resistance for children and young adults that need the sensory input provided by biting
  • Chewing the heart shaped pendants is similar to a chew tube and can give the user a sense of calm and act as a stress relief for autistic people
  • The pendants have a nylon attachment cord and break away clasp


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