How to make a butterfly plush

Butterfly Plush Tutorial

If you decide to use our templates then you can follow along with the instructions on how to make a butterfly plush or felt toy. This is an easy/ medium skills project for children and adults.

Start by buying the pattern on our download page ( if you want to buy the life cycle of a butterfly you can buy it on Amazon)

Cut out the pattern parts and pin them to some felt, the colours are up to you!

I like to begin with doing the body first

Sew the butterfly eyes onto the red face section, sew the back of the butterfly head on to the front of the body

Felt Butterfly Tutorial

I have pinned the head on so that I can see that it fits but will not be sewing it on yet!

Butterfly plush

Next sew the round patterns to the wings

Butterfly felt template

Do this for both wings

Butterfly Plush Wings

Then sew one of the butterfly wings to the back of the body

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly Plus

Make sure you centre the wing just overlapping the head section of the body and sew it on well

Then sew the front section of the butterfly body to the back which should be now firmly attached to the wings.

Butterfly Felt Body

Stuff the body as you go making sure that you get a little stuffing into the antennae if you can

Butterfly felt design

Then start to sew the face onto the head and stuff as you go but do not over stuff….

Caterpillar design

Attach the back wing of the butterfly by pinning to the first wing then sew it on…

Butterfly wings felted

You can also try different variations of the wing colours

Felt Butterfly ToyBack of Butterfly in felt

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